The Name Underhill Edge comes from an old New Hampshire based tool company that was bought out in 1890 by American Axe & Tool Co.  Underhill Edge Tool Co. of Nashua (c. 1852) was founded by the Underhill family.  They had blacksmithing roots in NH that predate the American Revolution.  Being born and raised in New Hampshire I am trying to re-live the history of metalwork, especially in fine edged tools, done in my home state before the Industrial Revolution.

My goal is to create historically accurate and inspired art.  Almost everything I make has some utilitarian function.  My motto has always been “utility meets aesthetics,” but on occasion I will make decorative or historically inspired artwork out of metal.  Metal is the my most common medium but I am skilled and equipped to work with wood, leather and textiles.

My main focus is swords and knives, especially pre-Medieval.  These I prefer to work in historical steels and iron, much of which I smelt myself.  The goal of these standards is to create highly authentic and beautifully crafted edged weapons that are also unique from other modern bladesmiths.  I never want to place strict guidelines as a craftsman and artist but I do follow themes in what I consider a scholarly and historical manner.

-Jack McAuliffe


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